Marne’s Moonshot

Posted on May 28, 2014

Museum of Flight All Macrina

The call came a couple of months after the shoot. Distillery production manager Eddie Adams had seen a precocious little redheaded girl drinking from a straw in a commercial for The Museum of Flight.

“Who shot this?” exclaimed Eddie. “I thought they loved what we did for them?”

Ummm…. we did, Eddie. We shot it while you were parking the crew.

Don’t blink. When you’re looking to make discoveries that may be better than the thing you had planned it is possible to film an entire commercial without your own crew even knowing it happened.

Marne, our client’s adorable 3-year-old niece, arrived at our lunch location right on time. I took a knee to get on her level, just as they might teach you to do in film school, and introduced myself. The attraction wasn’t mutual. The next thing I did they probably wouldn’t teach you to do in film school, but maybe they should. I immediately stood up, went over to my client and asked him to introduce me to Marne’s favorite person.

“That’s easy”, he pointed, “Nicole, her 15-year-old nanny”.

“Hello, Nicole”, I said, “Have you ever directed a television commercial?”

“No. I’m 15”, she said.

“Well, today’s the day,” I said.

Sitting in front of Marne, Nicole flawlessly directed her first commercial and was calling wrap before Eddie could even get the cars parked. This directing thing is easy.

– Ron Gross